Peer-reviewed Publications

More Publications (Preprints)

Generative Models for Simulating Mobility Trajectories
Neural Information Processing Systems Workshop on spatiotemporal modeling, 2018

Preprint Project Dataset

Capstone: Mobility Modeling on Smartphones to Achieve Privacy by Design
IEEE Conference On Trust, Security & Privacy In Computing & Communications, 2018

Preprint Project Dataset1 Dataset2 Dataset3

Extracting Hotspots without A-priori by Enabling Signal Processing over Geospatial Data
ACM Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems (SigSpatial), 2017

Preprint Project Dataset1 Dataset2

Generating Synthetic Mobility Traffic using Recurrent Neural Networks
ACM SIGSPATIAL Workshop on AI and Deep Learning for Geographic Knowledge Discovery, 2017

PDF CODE Dataset

Privacy-Preserving Location-Based Services by using Intel SGX
ACM SenSys Workshop on Human-centered Sensing, Networking, and Systems, 2017

PDF CODE Dataset

MobiDict: A Mobility Prediction System Leveraging Realtime Location Data Streams
ACM SIGSPATIAL Workshop on GeoStreaming, 2016

PDF Project Dataset

Capturing Complex Behavior for Predicting Distant Future Trajectories
ACM SIGSPATIAL Workshop on Mobile Geographic Information Systems, 2016

PDF TALK Dataset

A Mobility Prediction System Leveraging Realtime Location Data Streams
ACM Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom) (Poster), 2016

PDF Project Dataset

Controlled Interference Generation for Wireless Coexistence Research
ACM MobiCom workshop in Software Radio Implementation Forum (SRIF), 2016

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January 2015 – August 2015
Zürich, Switzerland

Project Intern

ETH Zürich

January 2012 – August 2013
Goa, India

Embedded Design Engineer


Design and testing of embeded platforms for IoT devices and mobile swarm robots.
May 2010 – August 2010
Goa, India

Project Intern

National Institue of Oceanography

Integrating Sensors on the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)


  • Front-end web development with Angular, HTML/CSS, Jekyll
  • Android application development with android studio
  • Test driven development with Py.test
  • Basic Linux server & network administration, provisioning with Salt
  • Web application development with NetBeans
  • Embedded Systems development with C/C++ for ESP32/Node-MCU/Atmel
  • Software-defined radio development with GNU Radio for USRP N200/210
  • IoT development on Contiki OS, TinyOS for TelosB/Mica2/Waspmote
  • DSP and FPGA development on CCS for OMAP L-138 series/Xilinx ISE, VHDL
  • Applied machine learning with TensorFlow, PyBrain
  • GIS tools - PostGIS, OpenStreetMaps, ArcGIS
  • Visualization with D3, Matplotlib, seaborn, tableau, Folium,
  • Version control with GIT, SVN
  • Languages: English (Fluent), German(B1), French(A2), Hindi(Fluent)